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Vacuum Chuck, Plate & Rotating Unions

This device has been designed as an aid to Woodturning.  It Enables an item to be re-mounted on the lathe for finishing without risking further holding marks.  The rotary adapter is fitted with two ball bearings and lets the lathe spindle turn freely while the hose, and connection remain stationary.

Some air needs to be drawn through the vacuum cleaner for cooling, particularly with continuous use. This can be via the bleeder facility on some nozzles, or if none exists, a hole needs to be drilled in the nozzle (approx 1mm) if so desired.

In the interests of safety, this device should only be used at a moderate speed and wherever possible the tailstock, with leather or a dowel, should be used to support the item being finished.

Rotating Unions



Rotating Union to suite 10mm vacuum hose.
Part No. V01216

Rotating Union to suite 32mm vacuum cleaner.
Part No. V01217

Rotating Union to suite back of lathe.
Part No. V01215

These Rotating Unions have a dovetail pickup to
suite a self-centering four jaw chuck and an
internal thread (M40 x2) to suite a chuck Insert (VM100).  Two ball bearings prevent the hose from spinning.

The Rear Rotating Union screws onto the outboard
side of the lathe and connects to the vacuum
hose.  Two ball bearings prevent the hose from spinning.                                           

Vacuum Chuck

Part No.  V01221

Part No.  V01222

Part No.  V01223

Precision machined cast aluminium. Each cylinder includes forming rope, and two neoprene seals for internal or external pickups.  The Vacuum chucks are used with a rotating union,  The rotating union can mount directly onto the Vacuum Cups or and Insert is mounted to the vacuum chuck and mounted to the spindle, and the rear rotating union is attached to the outboard side of the lathe

Vacuum Plate

This unit consists of a 300mm diameter, foam covered, plate fitted with a rotating union.
Part No. V01224 

Vacuum plate can also accept a VM100 Insert and be mounted directly to the lathe spindle.  The rear rotating union is used with this configuration. (V01215)