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Vicmarc - Escoulen Eccentric Chuck #3


The Vicmarc Escoulen Chuck originally designed by Jean Francois Escoulen and manufactured by Vicmarc expands the possibilities for off centre turning.  The accessories also allow eccentric turning.

The main feature of the chuck is its infintely variable axis setting capacity.  With the range of 0 to 30mm  each setting gives a different turning axis.  In addition to this the rotating cup chuck allows you to create an even wider variety of shapes, depending on the chosen axis.  The optional ball chuck allows the workpiece to be swivelled up to 15� off the z-axis for even more flexible turning.  (see diagram)

The combination of several shapes on a single piece, without having to remove the workpiece, enables the creative turner to make very personal and original pieces.

Manufactured from K1045 (medium tensile steel - 45 tonne) the chucks have a higher durability ensuring a longer life and a very high quality finish which is less susceptible to rust.  Vicmarc chucks are guaranteed for 12 months and a large variety of accessories are available to suit them.


Chuck thread sizes available:  Standard Chuck Includes:
M33 x 3.5 - V00295-2 (direct thread)
1 1/4 x 8  - V00295-3 (direct thread)
M45 x 2    - V00295-5 (insert type)

Please note: for insert type chuck, an appropriate insert to fit your lathe is required.  Inserts available for most threads.  Click here for the list of inserts.
1 - Tommy bar 7.9mm
1 - 5mm Allen T-Bar
1 - 4mm Allen T-Bar
1 - 4mm Allen L-Bar
1 - #3 Gauge
1 - 10mm Spanner
1 - 40mm Cup Chuck
1 - Owners Manual 

Example of what this chuck can do


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