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Please see the table for the Allen Key part numbers


Below is a list showing what each Allen Key is used for


3mm - VM90/100 Chuck Jaws

4mm - VM120/150 Chuck Jaws

5mm - Eccentric Chuck or Bowl Jaw Grips 

8mm - VM90/100 Chuck

10mm - VM120/150 Chuck

8mm Long Length - Perfect for VM90/100 Bowl Jaws as the clear the large diameter

10mm Long Length - Perfect for VM120/150 Bowl Jaws as the clear the large diameters

Allen Keys

  • Part No. Description
    P00024 Allen Key, T-Bar M03
    P00025 Allen Key, T-Bar M04
    P00026 Allen Key, T-Bar M05
    P00027 Allen Key, T-Bar M08
    P00028 Allen Key, T-Bar M10

    Allen Key, T-Bar M08 Long Length


    Allen Key, T-Bar M10 Long Length


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