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The Eccentric Chuck #2 allows you to turn off axis and will accept all the Eccentric Chuck accessories.  This chuck comes with two parts, the insert pickup and the ball adaptor ( Eccentric balls are sold separately).  The ball adaptor turns 360 degrees and the Eccentric Ball will swivel 15 degrees on the z axis.


Chuck type options are shown below


Direct Thread (screws directly to the lathe)

Insert Type (an appropriate insert to fit your lathe is required) 

Inserts available for most threads. Click here for the list of inserts


Huon Pine Eccentric Bowl turned by Len Mengel. See photo 3

Eccentric Chuck #2

  • This chuck comes with two parts, the insert pickup and the ball adaptor (balls are sold separately).

    The Balls and the M30 Ball Faceplate part numbers are shown on the Eccentric Chuck #3 page.

  • Please contact us for a quote.

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