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The Vicmarc Outboard turning attachment is designed to facilitate large diameter turning and is mounted to the outboard end of the lathe. It will fit onto any of our large Vicmarc Lathes such as the VL200, VL240 and VL300. This unit can also be mounted onto other brand lathes providing the headstock end of the bench or stand is flat.


The Outboard Turning Attachment has a 40mm diameter support post that is locked in place with adjustable locking levers.


This has been designed to be very rigid and is made from solid steel and cast iron. A swan neck design has been incorporated to increase access to the work piece.  They’re also adjustable in height due to the extension pipe located at the bottom.


Outboard Turning Attachment
33kg Net Weight


Last image:

This large diameter burl was mounted in expansion mode on a VM120 Chuck in 100mm centre hole. This piece was turned outboard using the Outboard Turning Attachment by Terry Martin.

Outboard Turning Attachment

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