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Vicmarc CBN Sharpening Station

Part No. V00433   


The new Vicmarc CBN Sharpening Station is another ground-breaking innovation from Vicmarc Machinery. The 1HP (0.75kW), fan-cooled slow speed grinder runs at 1450RPM and comes with 2 X 200mm CBN wheels of your choice (80, 180, or 240 grit). With both wheels mounted on the same side of the shaft, the space-saving footprint of this system is unlike any other on the market.


Photo 2 & 3: The metal base accurately aligns the Grinding Rest and Sharpening Jigs for perfect repeatability.  Changing from the Grinding Rest to the Sharpening Jig is fast and easy.


Photo 1: All the items included with the Vicmarc CBN Sharpening Station. 


The Vicmarc CBN Sharpening Station comes with the following:

  • Grinder mounted on metal base plate
  • Sharpening Jig and gauges
  • Grinding Rest and gauges
  • 2 x 200mm CBN wheels (grit of your choice)

Vicmarc CBN Sharpening Station

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