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The Vicmarc Sharpening Jig and Grinding Rest have been designed to make sharpening your tools quick and easy. These products allow you to get an excellent and consistent grind every time. The Sharpening Jig and Grinding Rest can be purchased separately and can be mounted on most grinders. These components can be easily switched and used on either left or right hand wheels.


The Sharpening Jig and Grinding Rest have been designed with increased stability and ease of use in mind. The Grinding Rest also comes with additional gauges to allow accurate angles to be ground. As both Slide Bases are identical, swapping from the Left to Right is very simple and can be achieved by undoing the hand knob, removing one slide then replacing it with the other. 


In addition by using a tool gauge such as the Vicmarc Manta Gauge, you can quickly measure and adjust your grinding setup to achieve your desired angle. Product located on the Gauges page. 

Manta Gauge Part Number - V00818


For more information contact your local dealer or download the Sharpening Jig and Grinding Rest user manual, found in Downloads section.

Vicmarc Sharpening Jig & Grinding Rest

  • The Vicmarc Sharpening Jig is used to sharpen bowl gouges, spindle gouges and a variety of other tools.  The unique design of the Vicmarc Sharpening Jig gives you extra swing without any interference. Second last image above.

    Sharpening Jig Part Number - V00437


    The Vicmarc Grinding Rest is used to sharpen tools such as skew chisels, parting tools and roughing gouges etc. The Grinding Rest comes with 3 Jigs and a setting gauge to allow easy setup and use allowing you to achieve the same grind angle every time for a variety of applications. Last image above.

    Grinding Rest Part Number - V00438

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