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The VL200 Short Adjustable Stand Mount EVS (Electronic Variable Speed) lathes are suited to those wood turners who require superior performance and reliability. This lathe has similar features to the VL300 series but more compact in size.  The electronic variable speed drive gives up to 200% on low rpm and the 1.5kW motor is more than adequate for this size lathe.  The three-step pulleys provide 3 ratios 1:1 for small to medium size work, 1:1.5 for medium to large work; and 1:3 for large work. The diagram in the above photos shows the maximum spindle RPM at each pulley step.

The cast iron lathe is mounted on a 5mm thick steel plate stand, which has been designed with a 700mm wide footprint for stability and rigidity.  The stand also features wood shaving discharge chute and a knee stop bar.


The work height from floor to centre of headstock spindle is adjustable between 930mm to 1230mm.


Includes a magnetic remote switch box that can be positioned anywhere on the lathe for convenience


This model lathe can also be fitted with a mushroom twist stop bottom and additional limit switches on the headstock and motor doors making it comply to regulations for lathes in schools;  Part No. P01115



VL200 Short ASM EVS

  •   VL200 Short ASM Specifications
    200mm Centre Height
    400mm Swing over bed
    400mm Distance between centres
    930-1230mm Work Height (Bed Bottom to spindle centre)
    24 Indexing holes
    No. 2 MT Headstock & Tailstock spindle
    Taper Roller  Spindle Bearings
    3 Speeds EVS 10 - 3000rpm
    30mm Toolrest Post Diameter
    15mm Hole Through Headstock Spindle
    10.5mm Hole Through Tailstock Spindle
    75mm Quill Travel
    242kg Net Weight
    930x720x1240 Length x Width x Height (mm)
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