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VL300 500mm Extension Bed

500mm Extension Bed can be attached to the lathe with no support leg.  All current VL300 lathe models accept an extension bed at either end of the bed.  If an extension bed is mounted to the outboard side it allows turning at this end. To do this you simple replace the hand wheel with a chuck or face plate. When mounting on the inboard side it allows for an extra 500mm between centres. 


  • Image 1-2:
    • VL300 Extension Bed 500mm Part No. V00107


VL300 1000mm Extension Bed and Support Leg

The 1000mm bed extension for mounting on the VL300 short, includes 4 x M14 bolts with two hardened bushes for accurate location.  Also available heavy duty adjustable support leg to accommodate extension bed.

  • Image 3:
    • 1000mm Extension Bed Part No. V00106
  • Image 4 & 5:
    • Adjustable Support Leg Part No. V01116

VL300 Extension Beds & Extension Bed Stands

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